Social Media

Five fans and three tweets is not going to help you sell anything.

You can't survive without a social media program. Just like you can't survive without a Website. But what that social media plan looks like has to be driven by your business strategies.

Some people are enamored with particular tactics or types of campaigns and sell their services to you because you've heard that these things are the secret to effective social media. There is no such thing as a social media silver bullet. Like other forms of marketing communication, there is a discipline and a commitment to build a relationship through meaningful dialogue and value exchange.

It's critical to understand where & how your prospects & customers want to connect with you.

It's critical to understand where and how your prospects and customers want to connect with you. Are they Readers? Researchers? Participants? Skeptics? Change Agents? What you know (or need to find out) about your buyers and influencers use of Social Media will impact how much effort you spend on this part of the media mix and what you should expect from it.

long term strategic & short-term tactical social media efforts we help you with:


Showing Up

It is half the battle. We establish and setup your accounts for Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, etc., brand your online presence, content creation and the ever-important internal guidelines.


Leaning In

Plotting out, following and connecting to important figures in your market or prospect pool, including monitoring of important players and conversations.


Speaking Up

Developing content plans and editorial calendars, interviewing and ghost writing blog and other content, integrating PR and tradeshow activities into the social media program.



Creating places online for prospects, customers, influencers and partners to interact related to issues of importance to the industry, subject matter expertise or specific products and services.



One of the key ways B2B organizations can benefit from social media is in the immediate feedback they receive on issues, ideas and offerings. By monitoring and ensuring conversations feed back into product marketing and strategic plans, companies can have efficient, cost-effective, meaningful collaboration with their markets.