No us or them. Just we.

How we work with our clients means more to them than what we do. (At least that's what they tell us.)

Unsolicited praise. Straight from the horse's mouth.
Don't take our word for it, our clients say it much better.

We generated over 700 leads and beat our sales goal by 30% in 5 months. You helped us launch in under 45 days and were instrumental in streamlining our message and value proposition for a very complex, new technology — and helping us get the sales force on board through crisp and clear communication.

– Director of Marketing

There are those who get it and can make POSITIVE things happen, and everyone else. Business today is a proactive game, and "observers need not apply". I'm trying to run as fast as we can, and trying to take the rest of the team along. I appreciate everything your team has brought to the table and hope together we can find the Holy Grail to this industry!!!

– Owner/CEO of B2B/B2C Manufacturer

We worked collaboratively with Moira and her team to design and deploy a new customer solutions platform for a Fortune 20 company. Her team really "got it" from a customer perspective, which allowed them to quickly translate the new strategy and approach into simple and compelling messages that the customer could easily grasp and get excited about. Their creative output was extremely high quality, and was foundational for the platform's launch and has contributed to very strong growth in revenue, earnings and share price since 2007.

- Associate Partner, Consumer/Industrial Value Transformation & Commercial Effectivenes

We had one of the busiest/ well-attended events in all of the Annual Conference history!! Fantastic feedback from attendees with major industry players in attendance from around the country. We certainly achieved our goals and then some. Great job to all as it was a true team effort to pull off such an event with so much competition for everyone's time. Thanks again!!

– Head of Marketing, Corporate & Government Affairs

I've reviewed our Sales Meeting results and You deserve as much of the credit as anyone. THANKS!!!! And Thanks, and THANKS!!!

– VP of Marketing & Product Dev

As an industry tech leader we don't sit still. We demand a business partner that can keep up with a constantly changing industry and our fast paced corporate culture. Moira's team quickly grasped the industry complexities and recommended how to best position us in our global market place. She then helped our internal and external teams understand, internalize and express our new position across a growing portfolio of products."

– Director of Global Marketing

It is clear that you put a lot of energy into reworking the message and getting the sales presentation right, which is exactly what I needed to move us forward. I told one of my team members, an industry expert who has owned and run several companies, that I was working with you guys because I was confident you could pull it off. He just reviewed the work and said I should tell "my team"–you guys–that "you got it right".

– Director of Marketing

I love the product's new look. I know that we used it before the sales meeting, but it's always a good test of if you like it 60 days later, and 60 days after that. Nice work!!!!

– VP of Marketing

Great!!! Really great! Thanks for the quick turn around on our software launch. Now, lookout world, here we come.

– VP of Marketing

Getting great feedback on your work with the new project leads product. Good work!

– VP of Marketing and Business Development

The piece looks spectacular!! I don't think I've ever seen advertising in my 40 years in this industry with this level of creativity.

– Senior Sales Agent

I survived the shoot. The Modo Modo crew was great to work with.

– Director and Management Board Chair for our Client's strategic partner

Your group is very spunky and easy to work with.

– Director of New Business Development