Marketing Strategy & Planning

New ways to relate, blue oceans & blank pages.

A specialty of ours is helping you explore and capture an idea, a concept, an effort, a request, or an initiative and map the program or story in the most effective way. Your toughest audiences are often the people that need to understand and execute the strategy—your managers, board, investors, or peers. And someone better have built a strategy that speaks to and motivates your best customers and prospects.

We could go on and on about this offering but you've been there and done that. Or perhaps, you NEVER go there and it's high time you did. We plug in where you need us whether that's the "getting started" part or the "putting meat on the bones" part.

Your toughest audiences are often the people that need to understand & execute the strategy.

Made to order. Our deliverables take shape based on your challenges:

Focus Groups

Internal and external focus groups or executive level interviews to distill business requirements and objectives.

Mapping Marketing & Business Strategies

Mapping marketing strategy to the business strategy

Strategic Alignment

Aligning communications and touch points along your marketing, sales and buying process

Marketing Planning

Building quarterly, annual plans or multi-year plans

Budget Planning

Marketing Budget planning and reconciliation

ROI & Conversion Targets

ROI and Conversion targets to test in the marketing and sales cycle.