Direct Mail & Sales Promotions

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Direct response campaigns and lead generation efforts are relevant now more than ever. No one has time or money to waste on the wrong targets or the wrong activities.

The way you execute campaigns may look different, but the desire and ability to track responses and qualify prospects has never been better. In the old days we used key codes and cheshire labels (ha!) to determine who responded to which offers and how to improve our performance. Now, an integrated approach includes offline and online mechanisms that allow the prospects interests and urgency to drive your promotional approach and improve your results.

No one has time or money to waste on the wrong targets or wrong activities.

Direct response for earlier stage companies may mean targeting a small audience and capturing information on simple web forms, via email or inbound call centers. To more mature or larger organizations, promotions may be managed using a sales force or marketing automation system to intelligently funnel leads and deliver different messages based on different prospect actions or to route a prospect immediately to sales.

We help you with things like:

Sales Promotions

We build programs to support your sales plan. This can include internal communications to formally launching with the sales force and introduce incentives for hitting performance targets. It can also include external communications that draw prospects and sales people together. Tools can include: Internal Webinars, branded PowerPoint or Multimedia presentations for prospects, Lead Gen campaigns that incentivize prospects for taking a meeting, and more.

Tracking & Response Metrics

Many times a campaign is well thought out but reasonable response and conversion metrics are needed to assess whether the campaign can pay for itself and over what period of time.

Email Marketing

Email done well can range from simple text for mobile-centric users or rich HTML experiences, integrated with social media channels, that connect readers to a variety of promotional content.

Dimensional Mailings

Dimensional mailing that include promotional items or drive prospects to interact online with concepts tied to your product benefits.


Delivering value to a user is one of the best ways to increase awareness, prove your credibility and convey the value your solutions offer. We help package and promote Webinars as vehicles for reinforcing thought leadership, planting yourself in the mind of buyers in the discovery phase or promoting specific products.